Flower Design Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall


I had the pleasure of attending another Flower Design Afternoon Tea at Lytham Hall last week and it was great fun as always! Jane was on top form as usual and it was great to catch up with some of my favourite wedding friends as well!

A little bit of technical nonsense for those who are interested – I shot this whole event with just one lens. A 50mm prime (which is a fixed focal length, so basically means there is no zoom on it)

I decided to do this to make myself work a little bit harder on the day. Shooting weddings and events I usually use two camera bodies with two different lenses attached at all times. A 24mm-70mm and a 70mm-200mm. This is basically to give myself a really good range from quite a wide lens (at 24mm on the Canon 5D body, it almost looks wide angle) right through to the far end of the 70-200mm zoom which brings things up nice and close!

When shooting weddings, exciting and amazing things are happening all the time, so it’s imperative that I can react to situations and nail the shot. By shooting with two bodies with two different lenses, I’m set up well to ensure that I can quickly change between cameras and have the right equipment in my hands to capture the moment.

Anyway, I digress! I was talking about shooting in the complete opposite way! Which sounds a bit strange after what I’ve just said, but there are loads of reasons for doing it. I won’t bore you with them all, but in a nutshell, it forces me to go back to basics. All natural light, framing shots with care and consideration and using the old fashioned ‘zoom’ – my legs!

As you can see, that one little lens has produced some lovely, crisp images…


Rowley’s catering were responsible for serving this fabulous looking food (and I can vouch for how great it was as I was lucky enough to try some!)


Jane’s demonstrations are always great fun but hugely informative in a ‘behind the scenes’ type of way. It’s great to see how the very simplest of flowers come together to form such spectacular arrangements! I’m rubbish at remembering the names of all the different flowers used so do have a look at the Flower Design Blog to see more detail from Jane!


Top singer and entertainer Paul Guard kept all the guests entertained and was fantastic as always!


Ben from Rowley’s Catering ensured everything was running smoothly on the floor and kept the treats coming!


How spectacular do these look?!


I think this was my favourite arrangement from the day…


Another great afternoon out with Flower Design, Rowley’s Catering and Paul Guard at one of my favourite wedding venues, the gorgeous Lytham Hall!


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