Lisa and Tom’s Wedding at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire


This is a selection of my favourite images from Lisa & Tom’s awesome wedding at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire. Lisa & Tom were such good fun to work with all the way through the process – which is the key to creating and capturing a bride & groom’s perfect set of wedding memories. They were so relaxed throughout the build up to the day and on the day itself which meant everybody around them was relaxed as well. It really was the most perfect day! The weather scared us for a while on the morning of the wedding, but held off once we got up to Shrigley Hall and we managed to get some great stuff outside.

It’s always great when you get to work with great people as well – Tom from Silk Wedding Videos was on board for this wedding and it’s always a pleasure and great fun working alongside him. He’s the only videographer I recommend as I haven’t come across anybody who works in quite the same way. He shoots in a very much documentary style, which means he’s completely unobtrusive (something that sometimes makes people nervous about video is that some videographers can be right up in people’s face), he’s a complete wedding professional, has a great knowledge of how weddings run, how to react to situations, he’s got an incredible sixth sense that means he’s always in the right place at the right time to capture the most amazing moments and to top it all off, he’s a bloody nice bloke which again is so important to a bride and groom. If you’re having people around you on the day, you want them to be great to be around!

So I started out at Lisa’s Mum and Dad’s in the morning to see what was happening there…

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 025

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 030
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 034

Over to the church to meet up with Tom…

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 048
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 056
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 060
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 062
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 065
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 071
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 078
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 085
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 089
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 097

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 101

The ceremony was brilliant – so much fun!

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 104
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 105
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 108
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 124
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 157

The very impressive and beautiful Shrigley Hall in Cheshire…

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 161

There was no chance Lisa was going to let the champagne go to waste!

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 162
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 191

Lisa’s Dad’s speech was brilliant!

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 208
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 210
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 215

After the wedding breakfast and speeches I spent a couple of minutes with the bridal party outside having a bit of fun…

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 225
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 226
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 233
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 234
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 239

I think it’s so important that you really do show off a venue in the images from the day – part of the reason (and often the main reason) why a bride and groom book a venue is because of how it looks, how it feels, the atmosphere it has – these are the reasons that you should use as much of it in the photographs as possible!

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 241
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 242
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 244
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 246
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 247

This is great – This is Don, Lisa’s older brother, his wife Steff and their kids. Don and Steff had their wedding at Shrigley Hall 10 years ago and Don told me how they had had a photograph taken by their photographer on this bench, looking out across Cheshire. He asked me if I would be happy to recreate it, but now featuring their kids! I was delighted to do this for them and hopefully we’ve got it pretty much on the money!

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 250

And then the evening…

lisa_tom_wedding_lores 265
lisa_tom_wedding_lores 276

Lisa & Tom – massive congratulations! It was a great day and I loved being a part of it! Try not to feel too depressed to be back at work…you’ll always have the photographs (and Tom’s video!) to look back on!


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