Jo and Mark’s Amazing Tuscany Wedding Adventure!


Here we go then! My absolute favourite images from Jo & Mark’s spectacular wedding in Italy a few weeks back. By sheer coincidence, Emma and I had holidayed in Cortona two years ago so when Jo & Mark told me they were getting married in Cortona Town Hall I was so excited! I immediately produced an image of me sat on the Town Hall steps from our holiday much to their surprise!

Jo & Mark’s reception venue was something else all together – a spectacular castle near Perugia that is used solely as a wedding and events venue now and run by full time wedding planner, Julie.

On the morning of the wedding I met Jo there to shoot some of the bridal prep…

jo_mark_wedding_lores 003
jo_mark_wedding_lores 005
jo_mark_wedding_lores 019

Onwards to Cortona and I was there to shoot the guests arriving on the coach that Jo & Mark had laid on…

jo_mark_wedding_lores 030
jo_mark_wedding_lores 037
jo_mark_wedding_lores 054
jo_mark_wedding_lores 055
jo_mark_wedding_lores 058
jo_mark_wedding_lores 064
jo_mark_wedding_lores 077
jo_mark_wedding_lores 082

The ceremony was amazing – conducted by the mayor of Cortona and translated beautifully by Julie…

jo_mark_wedding_lores 092
jo_mark_wedding_lores 098
jo_mark_wedding_lores 102
jo_mark_wedding_lores 107
jo_mark_wedding_lores 124

What a place!

jo_mark_wedding_lores 129
jo_mark_wedding_lores 130
jo_mark_wedding_lores 131
jo_mark_wedding_lores 138

We arrived at the castle before the guests so took the opportunity to shoot some images to really show off the venue…

jo_mark_wedding_lores 149
jo_mark_wedding_lores 151
jo_mark_wedding_lores 152
jo_mark_wedding_lores 179
jo_mark_wedding_lores 187
jo_mark_wedding_lores 196

One of my favourites shots of 2010 (and I know it’s one of Jo’s too!)

jo_mark_wedding_lores 203
jo_mark_wedding_lores 205
jo_mark_wedding_lores 208
jo_mark_wedding_lores 209
jo_mark_wedding_lores 210
jo_mark_wedding_lores 216
jo_mark_wedding_lores 225
jo_mark_wedding_lores 222
jo_mark_wedding_lores 226
jo_mark_wedding_lores 224
jo_mark_wedding_lores 236

When everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast I took the opportunity to shoot some images from the roof of the castle and from the vineyard below it….

jo_mark_wedding_lores 246
jo_mark_wedding_lores 247
jo_mark_wedding_lores 248
jo_mark_wedding_lores 251
jo_mark_wedding_lores 253
jo_mark_wedding_lores 254
jo_mark_wedding_lores 260
jo_mark_wedding_lores 261
jo_mark_wedding_lores 262
jo_mark_wedding_lores 268
jo_mark_wedding_lores 272
jo_mark_wedding_lores 279
jo_mark_wedding_lores 287
jo_mark_wedding_lores 292
jo_mark_wedding_lores 293

After the wedding breakfast, it was to the pool for the first dance – how gorgeous is it down there?!?!?

jo_mark_wedding_lores 295
jo_mark_wedding_lores 302
jo_mark_wedding_lores 304
jo_mark_wedding_lores 306
jo_mark_wedding_lores 308

What a wedding! It was an honour to be involved and always exciting to shoot destination weddings. I shoot a maximum of 2 destination weddings per year so as not to interrupt the flow of my UK weddings, Italy is our first of 2010 and we’re heading to New York in October for our second and final destination wedding of the year – how exciting!

Finally, Jo and Mark – congratulations! It really was an amazing wedding and one I know I’ll never forget so I’m certain all of your wonderful family and friends won’t forget it in a hurry either!


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