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Well, there are a number of things I’ve learned from putting this blog post together that recaps the last 18 months of weddings I’ve shot. Firstly, that my plan to publish my ‘review of 2014′ in January hasn’t exactly worked out! Secondly, that my most popular brides name of the last 18 months is Kate/Katy/Katie. The groom’s is Ian/Iain. And I actually had a ‘Katie & Iain’ too :)

Thirdly, that the memory of each incredible day came flooding back in a second. As I started flicking through the images from each wedding, deciding which single one to use, I remembered things in perfect detail. Things I’d heard being said as I walked into a room. Things I remembered saying to people at certain times of the day. Punchlines from best men’s speeches, first dance songs, the words in the vows that had made people shed emotional tears. And it made me think that if I remember those moments, that hopefully the wonderful brides and grooms I am lucky enough to work with, remember things that are important to them when they look at their wedding photographs too…

I’m not going to go into detail about why I picked each particular image from each wedding – just that each one resonated with me, made me remember why I loved that particular wedding. My apologies – some of the images don’t contain the bride, some don’t contain the groom, some don’t contain either! They are also in no particular order, just the way they fell in as I uploaded them to this blog. They are unbiased in every single way, just a single memory from each wedding that reminded me how lucky I am to do what I do.

So have a browse and enjoy seeing what I got up to over the last 18 months…


naomi & nigel / the great hall at mains



michelle & paul / thornton manor



natalie & ian / owen house barn



mary & will / the ashes



catherine & tom / heaton house farm



sinead & neil / alderley edge hotel



sally & simon / west tower



sally & kevin / heaton house farm



louise & justin / pendrell hall



lisa & rob / peckforton castle



louisa & john / styal lodge



natalie & andy / the cotswolds



sam & rob / browsholme hall



steph & chris / heaton house farm



sian & ben / capesthorne hall



victoria & richard / linthwaite house



rachel & chris / great john street hotel



aislinn & ric / eleven didsbury park



anna & ian / peckforton castle



carla & ian / styal lodge



chantal & rob / lytham st annes



charlie & dan / shrigley hall



danielle & liam / portugal



emma & andy / styal lodge



gemma & chris / hilltop country house



gemma & dean / mottram hall



gemma & paul / styal lodge



hannah & ian / heaton house farm



emma & shane / thurnham hall



hannah & mike / the monastery



helen & ryan / heaton house farm



holly & tim / peckforton castle



jack & stephen / shrigley hall



janine & will / styal lodge



jess & dave / ellesmere port



jolene & sean / the belle epoque



kate & andy / the villa



emma & warren / manchester town hall



emma & steve / nunsmere hall



kate & mark / the belle epoque



katherine & olly / styal lodge



gemma & ross / camelot ;)



katie & arran / eaves hall



kendal & jordan / nunsmere hall



leanne & chris / rookery hall



linzi & leigh / the belle epoque



lisa & graham / scotland



lena & richard / colshaw hall



mihaela & glynn / styal lodge



laura & dave / peckforton castle



lisa & matt / hillbark hotel



kate & rich / eaves hall



katy & mike / manchester cathedral & styal lodge



katy & mike / heaton house farm



zoe & chris / stanley house



katie & iain / chester grosvenor



becky & james / delbury hall



claire & nick / newby hall



cath & ian / peckforton castle



emily & simon / newton hall



fiona & richard / sandhole oak barn



camille & hamza / styal lodge



vic & rick / walton hall



fiona & tom / bartle hall



ruth & pete / the ashes



Claire & Steven / Heaton House Farm



lauren & martin / mottram hall



francesca & mike / west tower



hollie & iain / eaves hall



hilary & dominic / sandhole oak barn



becky & joel / didsbury house hotel



And there it is gone – 18 months in a flash!

18 months of working with incredible brides and grooms who I can not thank enough for their enthusiasm, excitement and commitment to doing something cool on their wedding day. It’s an absolute pleasure working with such fun, wonderful people.

I have to do a bit of a roll call and say thank you to a number of key people for their continued and unwavering support, love, words of encouragement, critical eye and the occasional clip round the ear to keep me in line too!

So, thank you to my beautiful wife, Emma. Thank you to her in her ‘LOVE Bridal Boutique hat’ too. It’s amazing being able to work in this industry with you xxx

To my family – Mum & Dad, Jo, Paul, Meggie & Jake The Snake, Kate & Ant, Dolly (also in your ‘LOVE Bridal Boutique hat’ too – you’ve been amazing the last year since you started working with us!) Love you guys to Singaport and back!!! ;) #justsaying

To the outlaws – Keith & Pauline, Nanny, Lisa, Si, JJ & Elliott. Thank you for your patience with us – I know we don’t see you as often as we’d like, but I promise the next Sunday we’re free, we’ll get our red wine on!

To all of our friends, who we definitely don’t see as often as we should – thank you for your understanding and I promise we’re going to try harder to catch up more regularly x

To our amazing wedding industry friends – I can’t list you all, but there are a handful of you guys that I need to give a special mention to, because you go above and beyond the call of duty and help us out so much. The Higham Family from Styal Lodge, Tom & Laura Harrington from Silk Wedding Films, Howard and Sam Wing, Paisley Gamble hair stylist, Gemma Hallowell MUA, The Heath Family from Heaton House Farm, Sian and Steve from The Flower Lounge, Helen & Pete from We Are Life, Julia Braime from Brides Up North, Gavin Jones from The Rush, Andy Murphy DJ – you guys are more than just wedding industry friends, we love you dearly :)

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed looking through the images and I can’t tell you how excited it makes me to get out there and shoot my next wedding!

Bring it on!


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