West Didsbury Wedding Event – Sneak Peek!


Yesterday saw the very first West Didsbury Wedding Event happen and I wanted to share a few images with you as a little sneaky preview ahead of showing the full set, including a few ‘behind the scenes’ ones.

Organised as a joint effort by Didsbury’s top wedding experts, proving that it is possible to ‘shop locally’ for the biggest day of your life, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with some of my lovely wedding friends to put this event together. Hosted at Rhubarb by Lisa and her amazing team, myself, Didsbury Life, The White Closet, Didsbury Flower Lounge, And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Emma Draper Makeup Artist, Mcleod Bradley, Silver Apples, Pearls & Lace Films, Silver Sixpence in her shoe and Zoe Chiotis came together to put on a wedding event with a difference. No ‘selling’, no pressure, no scary atmosphere, just a room full of lovely people ready to chat to gorgeous brides and grooms to be about all things wedding!

One of my very own beautiful brides, the absolutely stunning Alexis (who gets married this August! Can’t wait!) came along to wear some of The White Closet’s beautiful gowns so that brides could see a real girl in the most amazing bridal gowns and who they could chat to about how it felt to wear a White Closet dress.

I of course had brought my camera along as it’s great to shoot a little bit of what’s going on and also shoot something specific to the event. It was all about West Didsbury, so we decided that we would shoot a series of images along Burton Road to really highlight that it doesn’t matter where you are, what ‘look’ you are going for on your day, whether you’re quirky or vintage, contemporary or traditional, you can always shoot absolutely stunning images if you’ve got the right wedding experts involved in your day.

So a little look at what we shot on Burton Road yesterday…(Remember as well – Alexis is a real bride, not a model and will look stunning on her own big day, as she does in these images!)

As a bride you can shoot images that are completely natural and tell the story of your surroundings…(Alexis is wearing Claire Pettibone’s ‘Yolanda’ in the middle of Burton Road, West Didsbury!)


You can do seriously cool, high-fashion style images if that’s the kind of girl you are…(in the alley between Folk and the co-op)


In the middle of Burton Road, West Didsbury…(Alexis is wearing David Fielden’s ‘Wallis Simpson’)


If you’re a little bit quirky…(In Silver Apples on Burton Road, West Didsbury…)


(In Burton Road Bakery, Burton Road, West Didsbury…)


You can do the seriously cool vintage look (shot in The White Closet, Burton Road, West Didsbury)


And a vintage vibe in And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon…


The same bride, a couple of different dresses, some very different locations and looks = whatever you want!!! It’s so important for brides to be in love with all of the details of her day and the team of wedding people she has around her on the day so that she’s left safe in the knowledge that they know her, understand her and can interpret all of her ideas and contribute to making her day as amazing and memorable as she’s always dreamed.

A massive thanks to all my amazing wedding friends yesterday, it was great to work closely with some seriously cool and creative people and come up with ideas that we could shoot throughout the course of the day. It was great fun and this is only the start of the West Didsbury Wedding Event! Watch this space!

Loads more images coming soon too!


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