Wedding Photography Workshop / One to One Training


What a great day spent with an amazing wedding photographer – Alex Davies from Alexandra Jane Photography.

I’ve been friends with Alex for a few years now and I LOVE her work – so was hugely flattered when she asked me about the photographer training I run and whether there was something I could put together for her. A one to one session was devised based on her requirements and we met up to shoot some awesome images and to talk all things wedding photography and business.

We spent a few hours looking at natural light, off camera flash, video light and a few other little tips, tricks and techniques I use and then we spent the rest of the time working on the business side of things.

I know there isn’t a wedding dress in sight, but this was very much a Wedding Photography Workshop. Every principal we applied today is directly transferrable to shooting weddings and is the kind of thing I shoot week in, week out.

Our gorgeous model for the day was my wonderful friend and past bride, Jordana (my very first Stewart Parvin bride as it happens too!) – I wanted to use a ‘real’ girl rather than a model, so that we had to work with her as we would do with a real bride which is so important when it comes to workshops – models are great….but they’re too easy to work with! It’s far better to have to work on your communication and posing skills rather than just using somebody who knows exactly how they should stand in front of the camera straight away :) Jordy – you looked amazing and thank you again for working so hard!

Great to see you as always Alex and I hope you got as much out of today as I did!



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