Village Hall Wedding Photographs – Jenny & Ross


Where do I start with this wedding?!!? How about that it was mental. That EVERYONE got wasted. That I didn’t want to go home! Jen & Ross are ace. I love them. I love all their friends. This wedding, including Jen & Ross, had FIVE of my past, present and future brides and grooms present. How cool is that?! (A big shout out to Jordy & Ben, Bex & Matt, Holly & Tim and Katie & Ste! And I couldn’t not mention how awesome it was to see Clarky, Aisling, Pinder, Aodhan & Michelle too!) I also love that Jen wore a dress by one of my absolute favourite designers – Stewart Parvin :) This wedding was basically as much fun as you can have with you clothes on! (And for some it was too much fun to leave them on!) So without further ado…here’s the story of Jen & Ross’s amazing day told through the medium of my Village Hall Wedding Photographs



















































































Congratulations Jen & Ross – it was amazing!


ps. I LOVE this – Jordy, me, Jen & Bex, my three gorgeous Stewart Parvin brides :)

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