Top 20 of 2011 – So far…


How about a ‘midseason’ review then? I thought I’d showcase my favourite 20 images shot at weddings so far this year. The rules? Only one image per wedding is allowed and I’m not allowed to waffle on for ages about boring technical things! A simple sentence with each image to explain why it’s my favourite from that particular wedding.

I’ve been very lucky again this year to work alongside some of my favourite wedding friends at so many of these weddings and all these images feature them. Not in shot. In true ‘Jerry Maguire’ style, they are somewhere just out of shot! So a big thank you to my great friends at Styal Lodge, Silk Wedding Videos, Flower Design, One and Only Bridal Couture, The Coolers, Rowley’s Catering, Timeless Bride, Green Earth Flowers, Lytham Hall, Charlotte Balbier, The White Closet, Top Table Events, Emma Draper MUA, Didsbury Life, The Flower Lounge and And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon to name just a few!

The images are in no particular order – I love them all equally!

So we start with a gorgeous shot of Ruth of off Ruth and Andy who were married at The Ashes in April. I love it’s ethereal (ness!) That is all!


Dawn and Phil and the surprise organised by her friends at school – this is Dawn’s class forming a guard of honour with hockey sticks on her arrival at church! What’s not to love?!


Emma & Pete. Drinking with a helping hand from their friends. Need I say more?!?!


Jacqui & Will at Styal Lodge. A beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple. They’ve gone back to London now and I miss them. Sniff….


Sarah (off of Sarah & Martin) and her girls giving it both barrels on the bowling green! Love it!


A timeless portrait of the quite simply stunning Neelum (Neelum & Shabab) at Haigh Hall. Gorgeous.


Leona and Will at Sandhole Oak Barn. This was a hell of a wedding! I was lucky enough to sit on the bridesmaids table for the wedding breakfast – what an experience! (Thanks to CB for looking after me and Katy and Katie for frightening me to death!)


Carrie & Rob at Oddfellows in Chester. Uber cool.


Sian and Dave at The Inn at Whitewell. I actually saw one of their friends comment on Facebook that this shot summed up their day. The weather, the happy vibe, the excitement. So that’s why it’s here! ‘Cos I agree!


Mel & Jivko‘s Conway Castle wedding. This shot is all about Jivko’s flick of the veil!


My sister and her husband. Kate & Ant at our favourite Italian restaurant, The Tarantella in Poynton. What an amazing day…


Jordana & Ben and their awesome bridal party. Cool as anything.


Jenna & Chris at Mitton Hall. Because this is the shot that Jenna and I had talked about for months leading up to their wedding. And we nailed it exactly as she imagined. Perfect!


Hannah & Jason on the platform at Styal Lodge. Taking advantage of the moody sky and proving that it’s not all about bright sunny days!


Catherine (off of Catherine & Will) and her girlies. Sometimes waiting until a little bit later in the day for certain shots is totally worth it…


Sam & Aaron at Duncombe Park in North Yorkshire. Because they look amazing in what is a completely amazing venue.


Nicky & Graham at Styal Lodge in Cheshire. Because I got nettled!


Laura & John at The Villa in Wrea Green, Lancashire. They had a table for two at their wedding breakfast! How cool?!


Catherine & Richard and their gorgeous bridal party at Lytham Hall. Owning the place.


Lisa and Eric at Thornton Manor. Does this shot need a reason?!?!


Possibly the closest wedding I’ll ever do to my front door! Lisa & Alex’s ‘Secret’ West Didsbury Wedding. This shot just sums up everything about the coolest part of South Manchester…


So that’s it so far! Gorgeous couples, gorgeous venues and all round gorgeousness! Plenty more to come the rest of the year which I’m sure will be just as fab as the first half of the year has been!


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