Styal Lodge Wedding Photography – Livy & Owen


Here it is! The full story of Livy & Owen’s amazing wedding at the most picturesque church in the world, Norcliffe Chapel in Styal and top new Cheshire venue, the fabulous Styal Lodge.

From the moment I met Livy & Owen I knew we were all meant to be together on their special day! Now that might sound a bit weird (!) but what I mean is that it is so important to me to build a great relationship with my clients so that by the time we get to the wedding day, I don’t feel like I’m intruding on them and their friends and family and they don’t feel that I’m a stranger just turning up for a few hours on their day.

I knew from minute one of meeting them that I we’d have great fun together, that I’d feel nice and relaxed around them and most importantly that they would be relaxed and comfortable around me.

So onto the day itself. I arrived at Livy & Owen’s house where Livy and the girls were getting ready…

livy_owen_lo_res 008
livy_owen_lo_res 025

Owen and the boys were getting ready at Owen’s Mum and Dad’s house which as luck would have it, was literally round the corner, which meant I had the opportunity to pop over there for half an hour (something I don’t often get the chance to do unless the bride and groom are staying at the same venue)…

livy_owen_lo_res 033
livy_owen_lo_res 038
livy_owen_lo_res 047

Back to Livy & Owen’s house and I just love shots like these two below…Completely unstaged. Moments that are captured as they happen and tell a story about that part of the day…

livy_owen_lo_res 055
livy_owen_lo_res 056

Continuing the theme of unstaged shots, this is what reportage/photojournalism is all about…

livy_owen_lo_res 097
livy_owen_lo_res 107

Could Norcliffe Chapel be any more picture postcard??!?!

livy_owen_lo_res 109
livy_owen_lo_res 120
livy_owen_lo_res 121
livy_owen_lo_res 127
livy_owen_lo_res 143

I love this! Owen tells me he was convinced that guests were throwing handfuls of lovely soft confetti over Livy and handfuls of gravel over him!

livy_owen_lo_res 164

After the confetti, I spent a couple of minutes with Livy & Owen before we headed off to Styal Lodge…

livy_owen_lo_res 172
livy_owen_lo_res 181
livy_owen_lo_res 187

The amazing Styal Lodge…

livy_owen_lo_res 192

Because Styal Lodge is a bespoke wedding venue, basically whatever you want you can have. Livy and Owen like a drop of real ale, so they put two barrels of Black Sheep on for their guests!

livy_owen_lo_res 202

The venue is truly spectacular without any decorations, but when you bring a colour scheme into it, flowers, chair covers, it really comes alive with the bride and groom’s personality. I love working at Styal Lodge, it’s a family owned and run business which means brides and grooms are getting personal attention from people who genuinely care about their day all the way from booking until after the day. Something that is so important to me as that is the way I approach working with my brides and grooms as well. Sarah, Richard and Georgie (especially Georgie on Livy and Owen’s day – she put in a serious shift that day – as did Poppy who I’d best mention as well!) do an amazing job at Styal Lodge and it’s always a genuine pleasure to work with them.

livy_owen_lo_res 204
livy_owen_lo_res 205
livy_owen_lo_res 207
livy_owen_lo_res 213

Owen and his very lovely sister, Sarah…

livy_owen_lo_res 219

I helped Livy & Owen sort out a framed print (from their pre-wedding shoot) for guests to sign…

livy_owen_lo_res 232
livy_owen_lo_res 233
livy_owen_lo_res 238
livy_owen_lo_res 240
livy_owen_lo_res 244
livy_owen_lo_res 251
livy_owen_lo_res 249
livy_owen_lo_res 257
livy_owen_lo_res 266
livy_owen_lo_res 273
livy_owen_lo_res 275

After the speeches we sneaked outside for a couple of minutes…

livy_owen_lo_res 277
livy_owen_lo_res 279
livy_owen_lo_res 283
livy_owen_lo_res 289

First dance time! It had to be seen to be believed!!!

livy_owen_lo_res 291
livy_owen_lo_res 293
livy_owen_lo_res 296

Livy & Owen – thank you for inviting me to be a part of your special day.

It was an honour and a pleasure to be a part of it and so great to get to meet so many lovely people (especially you two!) along the way.

Now when are we going for that beer? The Studio Director is dying to meet you!


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