Styal Lodge Wedding Photographs – Livy & Owen


I shot the most fantastic wedding on saturday, the weather was glorious, the church and venue (the superb Styal Lodge) magnificent and most importantly, the bride and groom and all their family and friends were so, so lovely. It was a genuine honour to be a part of Livy and Owen’s special day and I’m delighted that they’ve managed to get away on honeymoon after some volcanic ash concerns!

So here’s the little sneak preview I promised them, I’ve just picked out 4 shots to tease them with! We got amazing stuff all day long and I was so excited to look through them when I got in and downloaded them on saturday night.

Here’s a little taster…


All the tables had pictures of Livy and Owen in various guises from years gone by – this was the top table…love it!


How ridiculously cool do Livy and Owen look?! I love this shot of them at Styal Lodge. I won’t go into full details about the day yet, I’ll save that for the full post once Livy and Owen are back from honeymoon and have seen all the shots, but the whole day was fantastic. It’s brilliant working with brides and groom’s who are so excited about every part of their day and who are really keen to get some amazing shots to really capture the spirit and atmosphere of it.


So that’s it for the time being! Livy and Owen – have an incredible time and I can’t wait to see you and hear all about the honeymoon when you get back!


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