Olivia’s 18th at Twelve in Thornton


Yesterday saw me drop off a set of images to possibly the most excited person in the world – Olivia Jones. It was her 18th last week and Emma and I were invited along to the celebrations at the absolutely amazing Twelve in Thornton.

Of course I took my camera along…

olivia_lores 006
olivia_lores 004

Gorgeous simple arrangements that Olivia had put together herself…anyone would think she works at Flower Design every now and again…

olivia_lores 027
olivia_lores 031

The birthday girl arrives!

olivia_lores 010

Now, Olivia is pretty camera shy, so it took a little bit of convincing to let me take some shots of her and her very hunky and buff boyfriend, Seany G…

olivia_lores 043
olivia_lores 044
olivia_lores 048

Properly camera shy…

olivia_lores 058
olivia_lores 040

As Olivia was overcoming her fear of the camera, she got her lovely best mate, Emily, out to shoot some stuff with her – attitude or what?!?!

olivia_lores 052

Olivia art-directed this particular pose and shot – nice hey?

olivia_lores 059

Back inside for serious birthday stuff…

olivia_lores 064

Very emotional speeches…

olivia_lores 073

Just before Caroline from Twelve chucked us all out for being too rowdy (Rebecca!) we took advantage of the seriously cool decor in the restaurant and the bar…


Olivia was well and truly over her camera shy-ness by now!


Spot the inspiration for this pose…


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one! Great work Olivia!


Happy Birthday Olivia! Thanks for inviting us along!


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