Nicky and Graham’s Bramhall Park Pre-Wedding Shoot – Sneak Preview!


Lot’s of kissing going on in this sneak preview (I love a bit of pre-wedding shoot romance!) but I just loved these three images and Nicky & Graham happened to be kissing on them all!

The first two shots work brilliantly as a little sequence and I love a bit of ‘story’ in my photography – these folks had basically been pottering around outside the hall for ages while we stood patiently (and very politely of course!) waiting for them to leave the courtyard area so we had a clear background. They moved over to the bench and I love how they really do look as if they haven’t noticed anything is going on at all! And the daffodil shot at the bottom is just so beautiful and ‘springy’! Love it!


Soooooo excited about Nicky & Graham’s big day at one of my absolutely favourite venues, the amazing Styal Lodge in Cheshire!

More images coming soon…


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