Masterclass in Wedding Photography – Testimonials 🙂


Two lovely things to share in this blog post:

1) My images from the 2 Day Masterclass in Wedding Photography I ran recently (in association with my great friends at Heaton House Farm and LOVE Bridal Boutique)

2) Most importantly – the wonderful testimonials from the amazing photographers who attended :) Which made me feel all warm and fuzzy when I read them. Thank you very much guys, it genuinely means a lot that you all got so much out of the Masterclass :)

Full details and explanation of what was involved across both days can be found by clicking these very words :)

But for now, some lovely words and photographs :)

“The 2 Day Masterclass in Photography was outstanding. I couldn’t have imagined it being any better. It was a penny spent for a pound of value in return. There were so many pieces of advice that I will take with me that will save me 100′s of hours and 1000′s of pounds. For that, I will be eternally grateful” (Martin Cahill Photography)

“I completely appreciate and value how honest and open you were and thank you for sharing how you do things in the way you did. Years of googling would never have given me what just those 2 days gave me, so thank you!” (Ayesha Rahman Photography)

“I loved the off camera flash part of the day – which I will be doing on my next wedding :) On some courses I have attended before, this simple operation was met with loads of equations and formulas which you simplified to a tee. You put things over so the average Joe Bloggs like me can understand and use efficiently” (Gary Skerratt Photography)

“The business day was awesome! Even down to the location and the technology used was brilliant, with Sarah & Emma allowing an awesome insight that just is very rare to be given” (James Jebson Photography)

“When we used the off-camera flash, it got me thinking differently at that stage. I know I was really keen on learning about this before I came along but I have to say it surpassed my expectations completely and you made it seem really easy. Your style was straight-forward, no-nonsense and avoided techy jargon which is when I switch off so well done! I loved all the lighting stuff and it was great that we all got to have a go too” (Ayesha Rahman Photography)

“Wonderful experience. Just what I needed before my first big wedding, I came away excited, inspired and raring to go. Jonny was extremely generous with his knowledge and experience and I don’t think you can overlook the value of meeting like minded photographers and suppliers” (Amanda Balmain Photography)




“A truly well delivered programme. I enjoyed the informal, conversational approach. I enjoyed the size of the group (just right) and the mix of experience and skills that were being shared. I am buzzing since returning and have a head filled with new ideas and approaches that will dramatically influence my approach to building my business this year” (Martin Cahill Photography)

“First class” (James Jebson Photography)

“It was a great venue, Sarah and the staff were fab, really friendly and accommodating and what a great location for shooting too, the opportunities were endless!” (Ayesha Rahman Photography)



“You clearly thought about who else needed to be involved and utilised the contacts and relationships you have built which was evident over the 2 days. Everyone was lovely, from the models, the other guys on the course, Gemma, Sarah, Emma, James and Jen. The details of the dresses and the flowers were excellent. I must say your choice of models were excellent” (Ayesha Rahman Photography)

“I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was! You never really know when you book these things how they are going to turn out and having done a few courses before, I was expecting quite a lot of repetition but actually there wasn’t. Even when you covered similar ground, which there wasn’t a lot of, it was great to get a different perspective.” (Amanda Balmain Photography)




“Beautiful models. Beautiful location. It was great to get the opportunity to capture images of that quality” (Martin Cahill Photography)



“I LOVED the business day. It worked through all the questions that have been buzzing around my head for months. Given that I am starting out in wedding photography, the teams answers and insights have given me the confidence to make key decisions and push on.” (Martin Cahill Photography)

“I would have paid more for this course without a doubt.” (Ayesha Rahman Photography)



“Extremely informative, brilliantly put together, and I feel I have gained so much out of the Masterclass. I came on the course to educate the way I was shooting – and the two days did just that!” (Gary Skerratt Photography)

“Jonny is a top guy giving a top service to the photographers out there.” (James Jebson Photography)




Couldn’t help finish the images with a daft one ;) From left to right: Gemma Hallowell MUA, James Taylor, Jen Brook, Emma Draper.

In summary, a brilliant 2 days spent with an amazing bunch of people – can’t wait for the next one!!!


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