Lyme Park and Bowstones on the IPhone


Just a very quick blog of a shot I got whilst out walking with my family up at Bowstones and Lyme Park in Cheshire yesterday. It was a gorgeous morning, started out very bright and cold and gradually the sky got moodier and moodier. This image is the view from the bench (where we were resting!) right next to Bowstones, looking down towards Whaley Bridge, Disley, that sort of area.

Taken on the Iphone 3GS which isn’t renowned for having a particularly great camera function on it, I’ll certainly be using it again in the future when the SLR isn’t to hand (although I don’t think I’m quite ready to start shooting weddings on the Iphone yet!)

I have obviously done a little bit of processing, some dodging and burning to bring out the detail in the sky, I’ve desaturated it to give it an even more moody feel and I’ve added some digital ‘noise’ which is the similar to the grain effect you would get with film.

Pretty nice for a camera phone shot though?!


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