Katie and Colin’s Grange Over Sands Wedding – Sneak Preview!


Hottest 1st October on record?! I don’t think any of us were expecting that! But if anyone deserved a beautiful day for their wedding it’s Kate & Colin – one of the loveliest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and work with. I knew it was going to be a special day the very first time I sat down with Kate & Colin and heard all about their plans. The venue, the details, the friends and family – it was always going to be a belter!

So a little sneak preview of their very special day at The Grange Hotel



I love a funky pair of shoes and I LOVE Irregular Choice – VERY cool…

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_003 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_004 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_005

Just before Katie came down the aisle, the registrar reminded everyone to turn off their phones – much to Colin’s relief as he’d left his on!!!

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_006 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_007 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_008 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_009 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_010 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_011

At the end of the ceremony Kate & Colin read a poem that they had penned especially for their wedding day – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_012 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_013 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_015 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_016 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_017 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_018 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_019

What a view!

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_020 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_021 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_022 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_023 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_024

I love an organised bride!

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_025 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_026 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_027

The details at Katie & Colin’s wedding were endless – this frame contained all the rsvp’s to their wedding that they had asked their guests to be creative with – what an amazing keepsake…


The seating plan was made up of the place names of all the places Kate & Col had visited on their honeymoon (that’s right, they honeymooned before their wedding!)

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_029 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_030 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_031 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_032 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_033 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_034 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_035 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_036 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_037

Time for a quick bridal party shot before the wedding breakfast started…

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_038 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_039 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_040

Sneaking a minute alone…


The speeches had everything! I seriously had to tune out a couple of times as I was running the risk of having ‘something in my eye’…

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_042 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_043 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_044 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_045

The beautiful first dance…


And then the ceilidh! And I don’t mind admitting I was scared when I found myself in quite a vulnerable position…!!!

katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_047 katie_colin_wedding_sneakblog_048



Congratulations Katie & Colin! It was an amazing day!


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