Karey and Kate’s New York Pre-Wedding Shoot


“If I can make it here….”

What more do you need to say?! I have well and truly fallen in love with New York – everybody who goes says the same thing. “It’s amazing! You’ll love it!” But I was worried I’d be let down by the hype – how wrong can you be?! Everywhere is beautiful (in a concrete jungle kind of way) – but I am a bit of a city boy at heart. I love living in Manchester, Emma and I got engaged in Paris and we’ve been there a number of times now, and now I think New York will play a part in our lives for a long time to come…(don’t tell the Ugg store though, or they’ll be including our visits in their annual forecasts…)

So when Karey & Kate said they’d love to do their pre-wedding shoot there, the day before their wedding, I was all over it! Normally pre-wedding shoots happen a little bit more than the day before (!) but the opportunity to do it in ‘real’ New York – all the little places that Karey & Kate know – was too good an opportunity to pass up!

Here’s a few of my favourites…


They don’t pay much attention to Halloween in the States…


What a start to our New York adventure! Coming very soon – the highlights from the day itself, including something VERY special…


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