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I will never get to the stage where I am happy that I am 'the finished article', which is why I am so passionate about professional development, learning and being surrounded by inspirational people.


Photography is a subjective art, combined with a rapidly developing and ever evolving technological influence, you have to stay at the top of your game and always be willing to learn new techniques and new technology in order to always be able to deliver exactly what your clients want.


Which is why I launched Jonny Draper Photography Training at the start of 2013. We need our field to be flooded with talent to ensure that brides and grooms don't just settle for what is available to them, but that they only settle for the very best. I have created a number of different programs which have run as one-off events and are available to a limited number of attendees only a couple of times a year.


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Dates for brand new workshops and masterclasses will be released exclusively to my mailing list. Drop me an email to join the mailing list to ensure you're the first to know!


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"The 2 Day Masterclass in Photography was outstanding. I couldn’t have imagined it being any better. It was a penny spent for a pound of value in return. There were so many pieces of advice that I will take with me that will save me 100s of hours and 1000s of pounds. For that, I will be eternally grateful.”
Martin Cahill Photography

"I completely appreciate and value how honest and open you were and thank you for sharing how you do things in the way you did. Years of googling would never have given me what just those 2 days gave me, so thank you!”
Ayesha Rahman Photography

"Wonderful experience. Just what I needed before my first big wedding, I came away excited, inspired and raring to go. Jonny was extremely generous with his knowledge and experience and I don’t think you can overlook the value of meeting like minded photographers and suppliers.”
Amanda Balmain Photography

"Extremely informative, brilliantly put together, and I feel I have gained so much out of the Masterclass. I came on the course to educate the way I was shooting – and the two days did just that!”
Gary Skerratt Photography

"The business day was awesome! Even down to the location and the technology used was brilliant, with Sarah & Emma allowing an awesome insight that just is very rare to be given."
James Jebson Photography

"It was brilliant to have Emma's and the venue's point of view. I picked up loads of ideas and excellent points form both of them. But the best for me was the editing side of things! That has changed my life!!!!!!”
Deborah Stott – Stott Weddings

"I have honestly never learnt so much in 48 hours - it was the best course I've ever attended and such incredibly good value. I particularly enjoyed using off-camera flash and can't wait to try out some new tricks/techniques. I was so inspired by Jonny's approach both creatively and personally - he was open and honest and couldn't do enough for us not only on the course itself but ever since. I've made a stack of new friends who also happen to be incredibly talented photographers and an amazing support network. When's the next one?!”
Kate Scott Photography