Jo and Mark’s Pre-Wedding Shoot in Castlefield


Excitement levels are at an all time high! The Studio Director and I head off to Tuscany, Italy tomorrow morning to shoot the wedding of the very lovely Jo & Mark! And it only seemed right to stay a few days afterwards…!!!

So we’re off to the beautiful Tuscan town of Cortona – which by a complete stroke of randomness, we’ve actually been to before on holiday! So the bonus is that I already know my way round. Something that is always in the back of your mind when you’re shooting a destination wedding. Sometimes the worry of getting lost in this country on the way to a wedding is bad enough (that’s why sat nav, roadmap and route finder map are always involved in getting me there – to make sure I do get there!) but it’s that little bit scarier in another country. Especially the thought of having to nip into a petrol station to ask for directions when your absolute best Italian is being able to order another bottle of wine…

So back to the pre-wedding shoot. Jo and Mark chose one of my favourite locations, Castlefield in Manchester. It’s so versatile, there’s so many locations within it and you always find something new and interesting to shoot there!

Here’s some of my favourites from their shoot…

jo&mark_prewed 050
jo&mark_prewed 053
jo&mark_prewed 054
jo&mark_prewed 055
jo&mark_prewed 058
jo&mark_prewed 060
jo&mark_prewed 061
jo&mark_prewed 065
jo&mark_prewed 077
jo&mark_prewed 079
jo&mark_prewed 090
jo&mark_prewed 092
jo&mark_prewed 073

Jo & Mark – I can’t wait! It’s going to be an amazing day and I’m looking forward to seeing you both out there!


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