George and Matt’s wedding in beautiful Devon


Emma and I spent a few days in Devon a couple of weeks ago, we’d headed down for George and Matt’s wedding on the friday (encountering the WORST traffic I’ve ever seen on the M5!!! We set off at 11:30am and didn’t arrive until 8:15pm!) spent the night in the fantastic Parsonage Farm B&B (Rose does the most amazing breakfasts and she even dropped us off at the local pub when we arrived on the friday night – how nice is that??!!) and then were guests at George and Matt’s wedding on the saturday.
We then spent another day in Devon and headed home via a stay in Cheltenham, but more of that part of our weekend in a separate post!

This is all about George and Matt, their fabulous day and me as a guest, but still with my photographers head on! I’d decided to take a camera with me, but only like other guests do. I knew George and Matt had a photographer covering their day, so I didn’t want to be that annoying guest who brings a massive bag and gets out massive lenses, flash guns, etc. and get on his nerves! I realised it was a good opportunity to travel light, so I dug out my little 350D and fixed on a 50MM f1.8 prime lens. For those who aren’t photographers, this lens is a fixed focal length – this simply means that it has no zoom facility on it.

Although the 350D has a pop-up flash on it, I didn’t want to use flash at all so it was a true test shooting only with available light and no zoom! It was really good fun and the lens is a great bit of kit as it’s so cheap, but it really made me realise just how great my top end zoom lenses are!

Emma and I before we left Parsonage Farm to head to the wedding (nice shot Danielle! Thanks!)


The beautiful church in the village George grew up in – her Mum and Dad live just down the lane, so when the service had finished, we all just walked to their farm!


Danielle, Kate and Emma pulling off a textbook ‘guests outside the church’ pose!


Matt looked so relaxed!

And then it was time for George! (Traditionally late by about 10 minutes – nicely done!)
Guests were asked not to take photos during the ceremony, so we pick it up as George and Matt leave the church!
Almost a cracking shot! I hate to think what his looks like!
We enjoyed champagne outside George’s Mum and Dad’s house before we headed into the marquee for a fantastic hog roast!
So you may have noticed that this is the first dance and we’ve lost a couple of hours along the way…well, I had to do the dutiful guest thing and do a little bit of eating and drinking! (A little bit of a novelty for me at weddings these days!)
The awesome BACKFLASH provided the music and entertainment:
Some kind of hilarious dance off led by one of the ushers sparked off late into the evening!
And finally the girls! Emma and Danielle (best friends since they were little) met George and Sally when they were all on a year in Montpellier, France as part of their respective Uni courses (sounds a terrible course hey?) so it was great to see them catch up! Just like old times hey girls?

Congratulations George and Matt – it was fantastic day and thanks for having us!

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