Engagement at The River Cafe, Brooklyn NYC!


So this is a slightly unusual post in that it’s actually a genuine engagement portrait, taken straight after this gorgeous couple got engaged.

Emma and I were in New York to shoot Karey & Kate’s amazing wedding celebrations and took advantage of the fact that we were over there and stayed for a few days after the wedding. Monday 1st November saw us head across Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to the amazing River Cafe for dinner. Now, although I hadn’t been before, I knew roughly where the restaurant was in relation to the river, bridge and Manhattan skyline, so of course took my camera, a mini tripod and a flash gun along for us to have ‘a play’ with on the terrace of the River Cafe (at the end of the night, AFTER our romantic meal!)

We were outside, shooting the skyline and setting up some shots of the two of us on the timer when we were joined by two couples who were wanting to take some pictures of themselves. Emma and I quickly realised that one couple had literally just got engaged and so I offered to take a shot of the two of them and gave them my details to email me so I could send them the image.

I was straight back into weddings as soon as we got back from New York so it was a nice surprise when I got an email from Christina last week asking if she could see the picture I took of her and her brand new fiance – the very dashing Luis! I sent it over and to my delight she emailed me back saying how much she loved the image!

So I thought I’d blog it, to show the ‘other end’ of weddings – the part that I don’t normally get to see! The very beginning…


Congratulations guys! Hope to speak to you soon!


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