Emma and Chris’s Pre-Wedding Shoot at Beeston Castle


Emma & Chris are getting married in the morning! (well, the afternoon…!!!) It’s going to be a cracking day and I’m really looking forward to working with them on their special day. They were great fun and really up for it on their pre-wedding shoot at Beeston Castle a few weeks ago and I can imagine they’ll be even more so on their wedding day!

Here’s some of my favourites from their shoot…

emma_chris_pre_lores 002
emma_chris_pre_lores 003
emma_chris_pre_lores 007
emma_chris_pre_lores 013
emma_chris_pre_lores 016
emma_chris_pre_lores 028
emma_chris_pre_lores 033
emma_chris_pre_lores 039
emma_chris_pre_lores 040
emma_chris_pre_lores 046

Good luck guys! See you in the morning!


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