Diana and Brett’s Scarborough Summer Wedding!


Hooray! Time to post Di & Brett’s awesome summer-y wedding!

I actually know Diana from a previous life (before all things photography took over!) when we used to work with each other, so I really was delighted when she got in touch after I’d met up with her and her very lovely Mum, Julie, to say that she’d love to book me to shoot hers and Brett’s special day.

Di & Brett were getting married in Scarborough itself before heading to Julie’s gorgeous house where they were having their reception in a marquee in the back garden. I started off my day meeting up with Di & the girls at Julie’s…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 001
diana_brett_wedding_lores 004

I love details. I’m becoming more and more obsessed with shoes, accessories and dresses!!!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 013
diana_brett_wedding_lores 021
diana_brett_wedding_lores 024

I have to say, everyone was very relaxed in the morning…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 031
diana_brett_wedding_lores 035

On to the church….

diana_brett_wedding_lores 066
diana_brett_wedding_lores 073
diana_brett_wedding_lores 082
diana_brett_wedding_lores 086
diana_brett_wedding_lores 088
diana_brett_wedding_lores 090
diana_brett_wedding_lores 091
diana_brett_wedding_lores 101
diana_brett_wedding_lores 106
diana_brett_wedding_lores 114
diana_brett_wedding_lores 117
diana_brett_wedding_lores 144
diana_brett_wedding_lores 156

On our way back to Julie’s, we stopped by the esplanade in Scarborough – this was something Diana had been keen on since we starting talking about how things on the day would work, so we made sure we got there!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 167

I love the guys on the left of the frame! At first, in a slightly (very!) naive way, I’d sort of envisaged the esplanade being empty and there being this big romantic moment between Di & Brett with me there to capture it. But of course, on a beautifully sunny day there were loads of people around which quickly made me get back on track & remember what I always say to people about locations. You shoot a location for what it is. What was there at the time was what was really happening – why would you want to change or hide that? I think this image really tells a story and shows exactly what I mean by what I have said above…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 168
diana_brett_wedding_lores 170
diana_brett_wedding_lores 173

The Tunnel of Love that was specially created by Di’s Mum just for the occasion!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 181
diana_brett_wedding_lores 182

Not a bad back garden hey?

diana_brett_wedding_lores 184
diana_brett_wedding_lores 190

The lads decided they wanted to do a ‘holding the bride’ shot – but they clearly hadn’t thought it through!!!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 198

More details! I loved the table names and seating plan…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 210
diana_brett_wedding_lores 211
diana_brett_wedding_lores 217

Mmmm….gorgeous bouquet…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 219
diana_brett_wedding_lores 220
diana_brett_wedding_lores 221
diana_brett_wedding_lores 222
diana_brett_wedding_lores 223

Speech time!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 234
diana_brett_wedding_lores 241

AWESOME hat stand!

diana_brett_wedding_lores 252
diana_brett_wedding_lores 268
diana_brett_wedding_lores 269

Time for some seriously cool stuff…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 276
diana_brett_wedding_lores 279
diana_brett_wedding_lores 284
diana_brett_wedding_lores 285
diana_brett_wedding_lores 286

The first dance…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 299
diana_brett_wedding_lores 304
diana_brett_wedding_lores 313
diana_brett_wedding_lores 314
diana_brett_wedding_lores 317

My No1 favourite band – The Coolers. Always a pleasure to work with Gav & the lads…

diana_brett_wedding_lores 319
diana_brett_wedding_lores 324
diana_brett_wedding_lores 320

What an amazing day – congratulations once again Diana & Brett, it was amazing to be a part of your special day, I loved every single minute of it.


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