Diana and Brett’s Pre-Wedding shoot in Scarborough


Here’s my full set from Diana & Brett’s pre-wedding shoot in Scarborough! Diana & Brett get married in July and are having their reception at Di’s Mum’s house in a gorgeous marquee setting, so when it came to choosing a location for the pre-wedding shoot, they really wanted to get into Scarborough itself as it’s unlikely we’ll be able to do that on the wedding day.

I think it’s so important to shoot locations true to what they are. With Scarborough, that meant donkeys, the beach, funfair and overall capturing that great British institution – the seaside resort. The one place in the world where the weather doesn’t matter as you’re already convinced it’s going to rain, but you’ll go for a paddle in the sea regardless!

So naturally we started on the beach…

diana_brett_prewedding_lores 003
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 006

I love this series of images…

diana_brett_prewedding_lores 007
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 009
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 010

We got right round the far side of the harbour for this shot…

diana_brett_prewedding_lores 015

All the fun of the fair!

diana_brett_prewedding_lores 016
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 017
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 018
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 020
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 026
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 029
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 031
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 032
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 033
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 042
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 044
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 045
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 046
diana_brett_prewedding_lores 047

I couldn’t have written a better sign for Diana & Brett to be stood under! Perfect!

diana_brett_prewedding_lores 035

Despite the weather, we had great fun and proved that a British seaside day out isn’t affected by anything!

Can’t wait for your big day now guys – see you in a few weeks!!!


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