Arthi and Jon’s Wedding in Castlefield – Sneak preview!


A little sneak preview on a Monday morning of Arthi & Jon’s amazing Castlefield wedding at The Castlefield Rooms at Dukes92 on Saturday. What a day for it! I’m still sweating now!

The full story will be here in a few weeks, once Arthi & Jon are home and have seen their images and I’ll go into all the details of the day then. For now, enjoy this little look…

arthi_jon_sneak_lo 001

It’s so important to me to tell the story of the day through my photography. To give the bride and groom the opportunity to say to their friends and family – ‘this is where we got married and this is what happened on the day’. Regardless of whether you’re at a country house venue, a hotel, or in the middle of a cool and vibrant city like Manchester. I spent some time with the bridal party walking through Castlefield, amongst all the afternoon sun worshippers outside Dukes92 and Barca (we got, or I should say, they got, spontaneous rounds of applause, cheering – it was a lovely atmosphere!) to really show off the area that Arthi & Jon chose to get married in. And we got some fantastic stuff, more of which you’ll see in a few weeks!

arthi_jon_sneak_lo 002
arthi_jon_sneak_lo 003

This is a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the barge shot that Arthi was so keen to get! We asked this lovely couple if we could use the front of their barge (they were sat there at the time reading their books!) and they were delighted to let us! They moved their chairs, they took down the tv aerial off the roof, they even put the little chimney on for us to make it look even more beautiful! The shot is an absolute killer – but you’ll have to wait to see it!!!

arthi_jon_sneak_lo 004
arthi_jon_sneak_lo 005
arthi_jon_sneak_lo 006

So – Arthi & Jon, enjoy your second wedding in India (you lucky things!) and I’ll see you when you get back! Congratulations!


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