A Masterclass in Pre-Wedding and Engagement Shoots


Last month saw the launch of another Jonny Draper Photography Training Experience – this time in the art of Pre-wedding & Engagement shoots. It was a LOT of fun. I had a great group of photographers join me in Castlefield & Didsbury, shooting my lovely, real life couple, Ailsa & Anthony (thanks for your relentless hard work guys!) A huge thanks goes out to Chelsea Shoesmith for assisting me on the day and to my friends at The Metropolitan in West Didsbury (thanks Mel!) for giving us a warm room at the end of the day to do a bit of editing (and drinking!) in :)

The day was very much focused on shooting, but we also spent a lot of time talking about the business of wedding and lifestyle photography and we even had time to do some editing at the end of the day. Below are some of my photographs from the day along with some of James Jebson and John Versfeld’s behind the scenes photos (thanks for letting me use them guys!)

You’ll also find some nice words said by some of the lovely photographers in attendance – thank you guys, I’m so pleased you got so much out of the day :)

The next Masterclass in Pre-Wedding and Engagement Shoots is on Tuesday 12th November – email me for more information: info@jonnydraper.co.uk

Charlotte Boothman, Lottie Designs:

“I loved attending the masterclass as there are not many courses out there that cater for the professional photographer who knows the camera settings to take certain photos but would like to talk the business bit. Pitched at my level so totally perfect for me. Most trainers don’t share the business side as easily as you do Jonny, in a way we all understood. Couple were great, and brilliant as they are a real couple too. I’ve done courses where models were used and it just didn’t work in the photos. Too easy to make them look good but no emotion in the eyes.

A Masterclass it was. Loved it.

Excellent value and lots packed in. Would definitely recommend. Thank you x”

Kyle Hassall – Gold Standard Photography:

“It was awesome. I felt like no question was stupid and anyone could ask anything. The support afterwards with the ‘secret’ group on Facebook is great. It’s only a small group but someone will always have the answer.

I had a shoot yesterday morning and what I learned really helped with it. Thank you!”


Zoe Taylor – ZT Photography:

“It was a pleasure to see the Jedi Master of wedding photography in action”


Kate Scott – Kate Scott Photography:

“It was great to understand how Jonny approaches these sessions from putting the couple at ease to composition, locations and shooting techniques. Every bit of the day was as valuable as the next, as I’ve come to expect from Jonny’s masterclasses. It’s a total cliché, but miss them and you really do miss out. Big time.

For a one-day course I thought it was great value – as someone just starting out it’s a compromise of where to spend your limited cash – kit versus course. I chose well. You can have all the kit in the world and be completely lost if you don’t know where to start with your clients”

James Jebson – James Jebson Photography:

“The day was awesome, really very useful and for me took a lot of ‘the fear’ away from a pre-wedding shoot. The shooting was brilliant and really gave great opportunities to improve on portfolio”


Join me on Tuesday 12th November in Castlefield & Didsbury for the next Masterclass in Pre-Wedding and Engagement shoots and keep your eye on my website for more wedding photography workshops which will be added soon :)


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