2017 / The Best Wedding Photographs of the Year


Jess & Matt / Colshaw Hall

2017 where have you gone?!?!? I don’t even know where to start with this recap of all of the amazing weddings I’ve photographed this year, it’s been a truly wonderful year and a massive honour to be involved in so many incredible weddings.

I’ve been to some beautiful new venues and been lucky enough to have been back a number of times throughout the year to some of my absolute favourite venues – it’s been an absolute belter.

From weddings abroad, to wedding photos that have gone viral around the world, to being lucky enough to have been asked by some of my very good friends to photograph their wedding days (the ultimate honour!) I’ve had one hell of a year and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

But for now, I’ll crack on with the most difficult blog post I do every year – my ‘Best Wedding Photographs of the year” post. One photograph from each wedding. Just one. Chosen by me, for all manner of reasons. It may be a particularly evocative moment, one that brings back specific memories from that specific part of the day, a shot I’m particularly proud of, or one that I feel does the perfect job of representing what I do. Not all of them feature the bride or indeed the groom but every single one of them features a moment from that wedding that will always stay with me :)

So….with all the thank you’s coming at the end of the post….here’s my 2017 / The best wedding photographs of the year….!!!

Beth & Chris / Marquee Wedding in Kirkham

Sarah & Jonny / Styal Lodge

Ruth & James / Staining Lodge

Natasha & Ant / Marthall Village Hall

Natalie & Ben / Peckforton Castle

Lois & Rob / Owen House Wedding Barn

Michelle & Phil / The Mill Barns

Lindsay & Shaun / The Monastery

Anne & Rob / Marquee wedding in Hale Barns

Charlotte & Sean / Bartle Hall

Ellie & Harry / Marquee wedding in Louth

Emily & Jon / Marquee wedding in Staffordshire

Emma & Loz / The Mere Resort

Georgie & Tomos / St. John, London

Grace & Kieran / The Mere Resort

Jenny & Phil / Eleven Didsbury Park

Jill & Neil / Didsbury House Hotel

Kate & Rob / Ca na Xica, Ibiza

Georgie & Simon / Styal Lodge

Lauren & Matt / Owen House Wedding Barn

Lauren & Mel / Stanley House Hotel

Lesley & Ben / Mitton Hall

Louise & Scott / Mitton Hall

Lucy & Billy / Colshaw Hall

Michelle & Andy / Ripley Castle

Rachel & Neil / Eaves Hall

Sal & Martyn / Browsholme Hall

Becky & Al / Upper House

Bekki & Pete / Styal Lodge

Beth & Ian / Sandhole Oak Barn

Caroline & Simon / Colshaw Hall

Ellie & Dan / Hilltop Country House

Vicky & Ryan / Styal Lodge

Tricia & John / The Belle Epoque

Sarah & Alex / The Belle Epoque

Kelly & Ian / The Mere Resort

Laura & Matt / West Mill

Lindsay & Sam / Styal Lodge

Laura & Ollie / Styal Lodge

Kelly & Frank / Aston Wood

Kayleigh & Rob / Didsbury House Hotel

Helen & Josh / Oxford

Sue & Carl / Peckforton Castle

Elle & Neil / Iscoyd Park

Emmy & DC / Marquee wedding in Louth

Kelly & James / Peckforton Castle

Pam & Lorenzo / Styal Lodge

Ashley & Mark / Mitton Hall

Emma & James / The Belle Epoque

Sam & Ryan / The Belle Epoque

Zoe & Jay / The Midland

Rachel & Daniel / Colshaw Hall


Massive thanks to all of my incredible brides and grooms for not only booking me in the first place, but for trusting me, being excited about their photography and just getting stuck into having a bloody good time on their wedding day. That is genuinely the secret to having the best time in the world on your wedding day. Book suppliers you trust and are excited by. And then leave them to it, have a few drinks, spend time with your friends and family and enjoy the party – and that’s how you then get incredible wedding photographs – by being right in the middle of the action :)

My next thank you goes out to my beautiful and unbelievably supportive wife. My biggest and harshest critic (after myself!) who helps to push me harder and harder at being a better and better photographer. Emma – thank you for all your love, help, support, critique and inspiration. Thank you for being my favourite wedding supplier friend too! LOVE Bridal Boutique is an incredible success that is down to YOU. I love you xxx

Big shout out to all of my family for their love, support and guidance – Mum and Dad, Jo, Paul, Meggie and Jake the Snake, Kate, Ellis and Clare – I love you guys.

Keith and Pauline, Lisa, Simon and Jacob – I love you guys too.

THANK YOU to Styal Lodge, Owen House Wedding Barn, Colshaw Hall, Merrydale Manor, The Belle Epoque, Heaton House Farm and Eclectic Hotels Manchester for all of your support throughout the year, for helping me shoot incredible images for our respective brides and grooms, for not saying ‘no’ to my ideas and for being so much fun to work with. Thank you sincerely :)

Andy Murphy DJ, Tom Harrington Films, Howard Wing, Gavin Jones of The Rush – thank you for being great pals as well as great colleagues – love you guys and always love working with you xxx

Sian and Steve of The Flower Lounge: You know that I can’t write our mutually favourite word here. If I could, I would, so that you know how much I love you. Thank you for continually tolerating my last-minute everything. I love working with you guys. Solita soon!!! xxx

Ellie & Harry (AKA Ellie Sax and Laserboy Wonder) I can’t. It’s too much. The Sweetnesses. You are both amazing and incredible friends. Emma and I are very lucky xxx

A special shout out to a load of other great friends who always say yes and always want to help and support me, in no particular order, Red Floral Architecture, Luminate Events, The Word is Love, Sarah Meredith Hair and Makeup, Top Table Weddings and Events, Cakes by Yolk, Green Earth Flowers, Pink Pepper Catering, JN Flowers, Special Days Weddings and Events, The Gilpin Hotel and lake house, Flossy & Leigh Hair and Makeup, Adam Wing Films – you guys are legends!

So there we have it: 2017 / The best wedding photographs of the year !!!

I hope you enjoyed looking through them, if you’re a future bride I hope you’ve found some inspiration in them and if you’d like to chat about wedding photography with me, just drop me a message through my contact form and I’ll be delighted to help!

Jonny xxx

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