What a beaut of a wedding! Holly & Tim were married a few weeks back at the stunning Peckforton Castle in Cheshire. I was REALLY looking forward to this wedding – I know a lot of the guests from previous weddings and I know how hard they like to party! Tim had been in a couple of bridal party’s at weddings I’d shot previously (check out Jordana & Ben’s wedding, Bex & Matt’s wedding and Jenny & Ross’s wedding and you’ll see that I’d met Tim a few times before!) and all those weddings were amazing. And I knew this one would be too. Especially when they booked my good friend and multi-award winning DJ, Andy Murphy for an extra 3 hours so that they could continue their party in Peckforton Castle’s famous wine cellar! So here’s the story of Holly & Tim’s amazing day…





























































Congratulations again Holly & Tim!!!




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